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Infertility in women and natural solution

Today’s article is about infertility in women. Since over 79% of my readers are made up of women, and good number of them have asked me countless times to write on this topic, so I have decided to do so now.

As we must have noticed, excess of unwanted fat translating to obesity is one of the reasons why conception hardly pops up in some marriages, so I feel this topic is an important health issue that must be discussed.

In many homes today, the problem of conceiving a child is becoming one of the fastest growing trends in Nigeria and elsewhere.

The problem is becoming a plague because there is an alarming statistic of this everywhere you look around.

In Nigeria, according to Medical World, between 20 to 25 percent of married couples are unable to conceive within the first or second year of marriage.

And that is why about 40 to 45 percent of all consultations done in gynaecological clinics are infertility related.

Among the causes of female infertility are:
an ovulation disorder,
blocked Fallopian tubes, or endometriosis.
 Male infertility is often associated with little or no sperm production.


  AI (ARTIFICIAL INSEMINATION). A procedure in which semen is introduced into the female reproductive organs by other than natural means. AI is an option often tried before the procedures described below.

  GIFT (GAMETE INTRAFALLOPIAN TRANSFER). A procedure that involves removing eggs from a woman’s ovary, combining them with sperm, and using a laparoscope (an instrument used for examining the abdominal cavity) to place the unfertilized eggs and sperm into the woman’s Fallopian tube through small incisions in her abdomen.

ICSI (INTRACYTOPLASMIC SPERM INJECTION). (Shown magnified at left) A procedure in which a single sperm is injected directly into an egg.

  IVF (IN VITRO FERTILIZATION). A procedure that involves removing eggs from a woman’s ovaries and fertilizing them outside her body. The resulting embryos are then transferred into her uterus through the cervix.

  ZIFT (ZYGOTE INTRAFALLOPIAN TRANSFER). A procedure in which eggs are collected from a woman’s ovary and fertilized outside her body. A resulting fertilized egg is then inserted into her Fallopian tube through a small incision in her abdomen.


  HUMAN ERROR. In the United States, the Netherlands, and Great Britain, fertility clinics have by mistake mixed up sperm and embryos. In one case a couple got twins of another race, and in another case a woman gave birth to twins who were of two different races.

  MULTIPLE BIRTHS. Studies have shown that multiple births—a result of multiple embryos transferred into the womb—increase the chances of premature birth, low birth weight, stillbirth, and long-term disability.

  BIRTH DEFECTS. According to one study, children conceived through in vitro fertilization have an increased risk of birth defects, such as heart or kidney problems, cleft palate, and undescended testicles.

  MOTHERS’ HEALTH. Complications from hormonal treatment or a multiple-fetus pregnancy increase the risks for mothers.

What Exactly Is Infertility?

Infertility is defined as the inability of a woman to become pregnant after a year or more of sperm insemination or well-timed, unprotected vaginal intercourse.

Infertility may be a temporary or a permanent condition; this depends on the available treatments, the cause, and the fertility of the partner at any particular point in time.

In general, infertility is seen or known as a “woman’s problem”. The reality is, the problem is both ways. If a couple is having problem with conception, the fastest way to solve it is to have both the man and woman evaluated, and treated because the problem could be from any one of them or both of them.

The reason is because conception depends on 
the following factors…

For conception to happen, the man must produce a healthy spam, and the woman a healthy egg.
The sperm’s ability to reach the egg after intercourse
The sperm’s ability to fertilize the egg when they meet
If the Fallopian tubes are not blocked, access to the egg by the sperm is enhanced
The ability of the fertilized eggs to become implanted in the uterus.

Infertility Comes In Different Forms

Primary Infertility is for women who have never become pregnant in their lives

Secondary infertility is for women who have given birth the first time, but having problem with conceiving again.

Infertility Miscarriages. Recurrent Miscarriage is for women who experience two or more successive miscarriages.

What Are The Causes Of Infertility?

Here are some of the possible causes of Infertility in both Women and Men

Chronic Illnesses and their associated treatments
Antidepressant drugs could lead to irregular menstrual cycles
Treatments or drugs for hypertension could cause male infertility
Low sperm count, low quality sperm could be caused from various factors
Cancer treatments, radiation therapy near reproductive organs could make them become infertile.
Sexually transmitted diseases could cause blockage of the Fallopian tube and prevent access to entry of the sperm.
Uterine fibroid

In men sometimes, the problem of infertility is caused by so many factors.

Sometimes, a man is born with problems affecting his sperms, and he will have problem with producing quality sperm that can impregnate a woman.

Some other time, this problems could be caused because of injury or illness.

In general there are certain risk factors, or things that we do everyday that could cause infertility in marriages.

Here are some of them…

Tobacco smoking
Poor diet
Being overweight or underweight
Environmental toxins, pesticides and lead
Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)
Ill-health that causes hormonal changes in women
Medications for certain illness
Cancer radiation treatment and chemotherapy

What You Can Do About Infertility!

Many  of the health challenges we experience  (Infertility inclusive), are more often than not due to what we eat or do. It is also a well known fact that we can not get all the nutrients we need to be healthy in the foods we eat.

Therefore, we need food supplementation to help us because food is medicine on its own.

One very good food supplement that a couple suffering from the problems of infertility can use is “Fertility Boost”.

This product helps the woman especially, and many women who used it have seen serious changes, and conception has happened.

You need to supplement your normal foods with this powerful all natural product to help you increase your chance of conception.

You can get this product by clicking here. Get Fertility Boost Here!

1. Lose Weight To Booster Fertility For Women

If you want to increase your chance of conception, you need to lose weight as soon as you can. The reason is body fat produces the Estrogen hormone, and too much Estrogen in the body impairs your ability to conceive.

Being too thin could also cause infertility because without enough body fat, you may not be able to ovulate normally.

And if you want to lose weight quickly to increase your chance of conception, you may need the Clean-9 product to help you achieve this in record time.

2. Supplementation For The Man

The man should ensure that he protects his sperm by using a regular dose of Vitamin C twice daily. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that work by blocking off the action of free radicals that causes cell damage to the body.

To enhance fertility greatly, the man also needs, just like the woman a fertility product. This time around, he could use “VITOFIT For Men”. This one is a 100% natural supplement for sexual health.

VITOFIT For Men” helps in addition to boosting fertility in men, it helps the man to maintain stamina, prevent fatigue during sex, promote libido, sexual potency and energy, increase sperm count, and improve a healthy prostrate condition.

3. Time Your Fertile Periods And Conceive

Conception happens during the most fertile days of the woman, and if the man has a healthy sexual state, conception could happen if sexual intercourse takes place.

It’s important that the woman know how to calculate her fertile days if she has regular ovulation which supplementation can help achieve, that way the most fertile days for conception can be determined.

If you’re really interested in solving the problem of infertility, it’s vital that you invest in a quality supplements, because infertility in men and women may be linked to nutrient deficiency.

Bear in mind that it takes a minimum of 3 months for immature eggs in the ovaries to mature enough to be released during ovulation in women. For the men, it takes about 3 months for the sperm cells to be fully matured and to provide quality sperm, quality supplements are needed during this time period.

And those quality supplements can be found in the “Fertility Booster” for women, and “VITOFIT For Men”, both of which you can order immediately and have it delivered to you in days.

Above all and ultimately, I believe in Jehovah God, who in his infinite mercies originated the institution of marriage for husband and wife to love each other while enjoying the blessing of duplicating each other by having the blessing of tiny toes who grow into responsibly adults. 

So by all means, making the issue of infertility a matter of prayer is very important, as the source of life is from the Almighty One above. 

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Are You feeding or preventing Fibroid

Here's what an expert shared:

"The days following my myomectomy in 2009 where doctors removed 8 fibroids the size of a 4 month old fetus from my uterus, I put a sign on my refrigerator that said:  STOP FEEDING YOUR FIBROIDS!"

Are you feeding your fibroids or preventing them? 

Here are quick tips to help prevent fibroids:

*Avoid fast food meats. Meats from fast food restaurants are usually filled with a number of natural and synthetic growth hormones. These hormones produce heavier meat, to yield more profit for the restaurants.

But eating the meat also cause you to ingest those same growth hormones, which can cause your fibroids to quickly grow larger.

*Avoid junk foods, fast foods, saturated fats, sugar, bleached white flour and processed foods.

*Avoid alcohol and tobacco products.

*Go vegan. Fill your diet with fruits and vegetables. Raw fruits and vegetables, for their fiber content and their digestive enzymes, help remove fibroid.

*Incorporate black beans and kidney beans into your diet to diminish estrogen levels and reduce fibroid growth. Eat this at least once daily.

*Avoid all non-fermented soy products.

*Limit the use of birth control pills, hormone replacement drugs, spermicides and pesticides. This reduces the amount of estrogen that enters your body, thus naturally shrinking fibroids.

*Taking the time to de-stress will help to shrink your fibroids naturally. Also get adequate sleep, since lack of proper sleep can contribute to stress.

*Mind your weight. Losing weight will help shrink uterine fibroids naturally.

*Drink two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar mixed with 8 oz. of water once each day to help with the elimination of body toxins and with fat loss.

Want a bigger, stronger, and long-lasting help to shrink your fibroid?

Join over 100 women who have used FibroCare our 100% natural supplement.

Fibrocare uses various naturally-produced components to eliminate your fibroid in less than 60 days.

It would give YOU a painless and comforting freedom from fibroid, and you can have the beautiful you back again.

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Share your experience if you have any positive contributions to make on how to get rid of Fibroid Naturally.

How Postinor 2 and Many Contraceptives Leads to Infertility


Dear Friend,

When talking about getting pregnant,

One of the areas that most people fail to neglect is on the issue of the contraceptive that women have used over the cause of the lifetime right after puberty.

And I will like to use postinor 2 as a case study to be able to buttress my point to help educate you more.

Postinor 2 is an emergency contraceptive otherwise known as the “morning after pill”

This pill is actually a contraceptive pill that is used after sex to prevent pregnancy most especially for sexual partners who simply had an unprotected sex.

Postinor generally comes with 2 pills that is to be taken within 72 hours after sex.

The problem with this is that because of its easy use and accessibility, lots of women including a lot of the women reading this newsletter are regular user of this pills which is to simply prevent pregnancy.

I actually know of a particular lady who uses this like 3 times a week which is extremely bad.

Now here is where the problem is for women who knows in their heart that they are regular users of this pills.


Now let me ask you this question?

Who goes into the emergency room every two weeks after doing what is not to be done?

Medications like this are meant to serve as an emergency for those very rare times that you forget to allow your partner to use a prophylactic - condom.

So here is what actually happens when you take this set of contraceptive regularly.

Since postinor is a synthetic drug, it may make you have headache, dizziness, fatigue, nausea and vomiting.

Being a hormone, the regular use of this pill actually messes up with your menstrual cycle. This means that repeated use of this can simply lead to irregular cycles, missed period and even prolonged bleeding.

What this does is that you won’t be able to easily know when to expect your period and it might simply happen at a time that you are not simply prepared for.

Some cases of using this contraceptive, it can lead to women having issues with hypertension, heart failure, stroke, migraines, kidney problem.

In other words, it simply increases the chance of infertility at the time that you need it most. which may cause why many times conception fail to happen.

And for this reason if you know you have become a regular user of contraceptive and now looking to conceive and its simply getting difficult, you need to start doing something different and safe about it right now most especially using the Fertility Cleanse right here. CLICK HERE NOW

This newsletter is not to scare you but to let you know that you really need to go through a fertility Detox cleanse to first rid away all of the toxins that has accumulated in your system.

The fertility cleanse will help to reset your fertility hormones which also helps to correct whatever menstrual issues you may have.

The fertility cleanse would help you as a first step in dealing with any form of fertility issues that you might be going through such as fibroid, blocked tubes, hormonal imbalance etc.

To get started. Simply order for the C9 Detox pack here now.

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